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Hair extensions are a part of various cultures and are a styling accessory used not only by women but also by men all around the world. Hair extensions are easy to use and are make to specifications according to the individual's hair type and color. When considering hair extensions first you have to choose the type of hair that you need and also best for you. Synthetic hair extensions will look like a shredded plastic bag stuck to your head. Never opt for synthetic hair unless you do not care for even you look like a Barbie doll. Human hair is always best not only gives you a natural look but easy to maintain also.

Patricia's hair extensions salons has been esteemed as a World Class Hair Extensions Salon, we are doing all types of hair extensions that offers Over 100 Different Hair Extensions Types and offers Same Day Hair consultations and hair extensions. Hair extension is a complicated process, so you must make sure that the hair professional has the experience and the ability to do hair extensions without any hassles. Always choose natural hair extensions as opposed to artificial ones. Natural hair always looks good and make sure that the color and shades match your natural hair perfectly. Patricia Hair Salons is a top destination when it comes to excellent hair services, such as hair coloring, Brazilian Keratin Treatments, haircuts, hairstyles, Brazilian waxing and more.

Patricia's hair extensions aim to provide quality, value and convenient hair styling services. We are presently located at Astoria, Queens, NY, which are minutes away from all areas around the New York City area. We have high ranking colorists, stylists, etc, that will help you get the hair extensions look that you want. We specialize in luxurious hair services like the Japanese texture cuts, hair extensions, creative perms, dreadlocks, braiding, clipper art and cornrows besides offering the comprehensive range of hair salon services ranging from cuts, colors, highlights, micro-mist treatment to hair rebonding/straightening.

Visit our Patricia Hair Salon to view a large variety of lace front wigs as well as Patricia's hair extensions. These awesome looking hairstyle can suit you anywhere, gives slip-on style you won't have to work at to get. Patricia's Hair Salon gives you tremendous choices for beautiful hair, you'll wish to come back again and again to enjoy them all.

You can choose the comfort of the open, airy salon room (four thousand square feet in size), but you can also enjoy nice hair services by relaxing in one of the three VIP rooms. we have a private sink, plasma television and Fendi chair that's for your use alone.

When was the last time you changed your hair style? If you have to decide about it, you're probably not having been made a trip to Patricia's Hair Salon.

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