Feather Hair Extensions

Patricia Feather Hair Extensions Salon in New York now carries your preferred choice in hair feather extensions. Our feathers are 100% real authentic feathers and very inexpensive, great selection of colors, and lengths. We charge $15 a feather that includes the feather extension and install. We have a wide range of feather extensions, all sizes, shapes, colors, real feathers. We have had clients go for a subtle look. The look you choose for your feather extensions is strictly up to you, your personal style, and your budget.

Buy Feather Hair Extensions in Patricia Feather Hair Extensions Salon in New York. We were one of the first hair salons to introduce feather hair extensions in the NYC, New York, NY, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, NJ, CT areas. We have many exotic real feather extensions choices in our top hair salon. We are having fulltime well experienced and highly trained experts and stylists in our posh salons to serve the people of New York, NY, NYC, Astoria, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, CT, Philadelphia, Boston and New Jersey at affordable prices. Visit our salons nearby to meet the perfect style of your dream.

Feather Hair Extensions in Astoria, Queens, New York is the highest quality rooster feather on the market. These high standard feathers can be curled, washed and kept looking good in your hair for months. And don't forget about rooster saddle feathers, the shape and color patterns make great movement. make a Look for these in the gallery at the bottom of this page. To really make your feather creation unique, adding an exotic feather into the mix ties everything together and gives your piece a finished look.

People can go for same day consultation and service for their beautiful feather hair extensions, we welcome Walk Ins to our famous salon. Feather hair extensions give your hair a very unique look, a little bit of flair to your hair, and are great with women who have hair extensions already. It is a good statement piece, and will get you involved with lots of conversation as you go out. Feather hair extensions are new and you could be one of the first ones to have and wear them.

Join in on the craze, turn up your swagger, and be trendy yet beautiful in the new spring summer hair trend. Patricia feather hair extensions are cool, chic, gives you the bohemian chic, Native American Spring Summer 2011 vibe. Everyone is wearing them, be the first among your friend to rock them. Our creative team selects only quality feathers that are complimentary to match their beautiful feather color combinations.

We pre-tip each feather hair extensions with keratin to enter easily into the copper micro bead. This technique creates a strong, yet invisible bond between the bead and feathers when placed in the hair. It will take 10 minutes to install our high quality feather hair extensions. As your hair grows, both removal of the micro bead, and re-insertion of your feather cluster will be easy and simple. Our feather hair extensions will last for months and are reusable. Once our feather hair extensions are in your hair, you can wash, brush, and heat style your feather hair extensions. Patricia Feather Hair Extensions are suitable for all ages and hair types. If you want a subtle or bold look, Patricia Feather Hair Extensions has the perfect look for you.

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