Patricia Hair Salon NYC

Patricia Hair Salon NYC can fulfill the dream of people who wishes for lengthy and beautiful hairs. Most of the celebrities use hair extensions for their alluring looks. There are great numbers of salons which provide you with this facility. You can add length of your hair or a beautiful streak of color in a salon. Only thing is you have to find the best one among a large number of salons, which satisfy your needs.

Patricia Hair Salon NYC is following some of the most special techniques in the process of fixing extensions on your head are welding, waxing, gluing or knotting, which sometimes may strain and have the possibility of damaging your hair. On such cases a much more gentle principle, modulating is recommended. A salon should be created on an extremely high-tech method of bonding between the human hair extension strand and your own with the skilled experts. We are the top hair extension and lace front wig salon that is a couple hours from Philadelphia, Pa, NYC, NY, New York, New York City, NJ, and New Jersey.

Patricia Hair Salon NYC will always keep certain things in our mind like type of hair extensions i.e. we are using 100% Human hair extensions, and we are the leading ones in hair extensions and not the starters. Our hair stylist is an expert in handling different types of hair, and the methods they are offering to fix extensions to your hair and will not affect the own hair since some glue, adhesive can bring problems and the salon should be highly technical hygienic and a comfortable one. Customer satisfaction is the main target of our Patricia hair salon NYC.

Patricia hair extensions Salon NYC do hair cuts, colors, corrective colors, eyelashes extensions, and are located in the Astoria, Queens and NY area. Patricia hair extensions salon NYC helps you find that ultimate look. Want the best hair extension? Come to Patricia's Salon NYC for the best in your hair extensions needs. Patricia's Salon NYC is a full service hair salon. Patricia's Salon NYC is a top hair salon, located in NYC. Patricia's Salon, has done thousands of hair extensions, and is a hair extensions leader in the NYC, New York area.

Patricia Hair Salon NYC is well known for Hair Extensions. We can say that we are the best in hair extensions and there is no doubt in it. Visit our salons in New York, NYC, NY, Astoria, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey and not more than few minutes from Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Boston, Westchester, Philadelphia, CT.

The showroom also holds a wide collection of lace front wigs, beautifully styled and ready to go. Why spend a lot of time on your 'do when you can wear something as great-looking as the wigs at Patricia's Hair Salon? You can always look beautiful - even without a lot of hard work.

Get your curls trimmed, your tresses dyed or your style completely changed. Get the spa treatment, the salon services and the best hair selection in the world. Get over to Patricia Hair Salon, NYC, and get the chance to look beautiful. Isn't it time you took the time to get pampered?

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30-71 Steinway St
Astoria, NY
New York, NYC


Monday Thru Saturday 10:00A.M. To 8:00P.M.
Sunday From 10:00A.M. To 5:00P.M.