Patricia's Hair Salon

Patricia's hair salon always uses human hair as perhaps the most cosmetically enhanced and longer-lasting in order to reduce the damage that take place in human scalp. The best part of our Patricia's Hair Salon Queens, Astoria, NY, NYC is the budget we offer all type of hair extension at an reasonable price, woven expertly into your own hair. NYC Hair Extensions Salons in New York City, NY, Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens is the pinnacle of real and natural human hair.

The service in Patricia's hair salon is Without doubt our next point of importance to be dealt with. You will defenitely feel comfortable with the people that you work with, your hair will turn out better and overall you will be very happy with our Patricia Hair Extensions salon. No one wants to go to a place where all the people are snobs and you feel like you are just irritating them with your presence. The better the place will be for you overall. You wont deserve a place with such qualities as this to pass you by without establishing yourself as a regular there. You will always be ensured an amazing treatment.

Patricia's hair salon attracts hair extension customers from all over the country and acroos the globe, let alone from all over the Tri-State area. Patricia's hair salon offer the hottest styles great coloring and cuts with quality of care at New York Hair Extensions. Patricia's hair salon offer a wide range of the most popular advanced hair extension approach but we stick with using the best quality hair as most clients desire that. There are many types and manufacturers but from our experience it's the quality of the hair and the hair extension specialist knowledge and experience and the quality of the hair extensions that is most important.

Patricia's Hair Salon offers you the best Hair Coloring services at an reasonable price. Our hair stylists are highly trained and give you the best results that you are dreaming of. Take the opportunity to experiment our best services in any of our salons located in New York City, Astoria, Queens, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Boston, Manhattan, Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Boston, Westchester, areas.

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30-71 Steinway St
Astoria, NY
New York, NYC


Monday Thru Saturday 10:00A.M. To 8:00P.M.
Sunday From 10:00A.M. To 5:00P.M.