Bad Hair Transplants

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Once you have gone through the long arduous decision-making process of having a hair transplant you are most likely filled with in trepidation of what if it goes wrong. There are many transplant clinics around and most of them are very successful and reputable.

The most dreaded aspect is just happening to come upon one of those very rare clinics that will perform a bad hair transplant. The most common cause of this most unfortunate event is because of an incompetent surgeon or even an inexperienced one.

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Some of the things that constitute a bad hair transplant are abnormal hairlines. In rare cases, the surgeon transplants the hair to close to the upper brow. This in time will give you a very minimal brow, which will affect your overall facial features. The average brow size for men is around 1.5 cm and the surgeon must keep this in mind.

Another problem is the transplant surgeon will be inpatient and try to use grafts that are simply too big. He should be able to see this when the hair density of the graft is bigger than the density of the natural hair, this is going to create a real patchwork effect. The plugs will be evident on the scalp.

Then there is the opposite of the low hairline meaning they make it too broad. Again, if this happens you are going to get face distortion.

One of the most common mistakes is when the surgeon doesn’t follow the natural growth direction. What happens is the hair graphs are grafted in a direction perpendicular to the scalp. When the hair grows, it will have a tendency to stand in an unusual direction, making it quite noticeable.

A surgeon is required to perform hair transplants because of his abilities as a surgeon. He is supposed to have the knowledge of keeping scarring to a minimum. If the surgeon creates large wounds during his procedure then, of course, it’s most likely that excessive scarring is going to occur. Not only is the healing aspect a factor the look is going to be a big issue as well. It could cause unusual lifts and depressions in the grafts.

So how does one prevent these potential nightmares? By doing a lot of research. First, learn what transplants are all about. By doing so you will understand the material that you gather during your search for a good hair transplant clinic. It will allow you to ask knowledgeable questions to which you can base your decisions upon the answers.

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