Buying A Lace Front Wig

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A long time ago, wigs were regarded as something that had to be hidden. Wearing a wig meant that you were not being truthful somehow, and the only place you could get away with wearing a wig was if you were an actor. Although they were considered to be acceptable hairstyles.

Thankfully, things have loosened up considerably and the wearing of wigs is just part of expressing your creativity. There are different kinds of wigs and different hairstyles to choose from, and that is what this article is about. It is a quick and easy guide to buying a lace front wig and how to know which one is the right one for you.

The first thing to look at is not what you might think, because the first thing to look at is your face type, it determines the kind of lace front wig you will choose.

Square faces are best suited to mid-length wigs, longer faces to a longer wig so that the chin doesn’t look pointy, and so on. The best way to choose the lace front wig that is best for you is to consult either with your stylist, beauty supply store or, you can go on-line, but it is probably best to talk with someone in person.

Lace front wig Remy hair

Before you buy or consult, measure your head, at first over the top from ear tip to ear tip, and then the circumference. After you are done, you will be ready to shop for the best lace front wig that is suited to you. There are synthetic and human hair wigs, the best wigs are called Remy hair wigs. They are the best because they don’t tangle. Human hair wigs are ideal also because they behave like human hair. Avoid wigs that are patchy, and inconsistent in density and quality.

Monofilament hairstyles are good also for that wash ‘n go natural look, but if you’ve shopped around, and you have any doubts whatsoever about the style of lace front wig that would be best suited to your face type, and best suited to your budget and lifestyle, always consult, either with a stylist or a reputable beauty supply store.

Don’t go for the quickie sale and the “Johnny Hustle’ approach, save yourself a lot of potential trouble, and consult with a professional.

Lace front wigs are worn by celebrities all the time, and the list is endless. The main thing to remember is that it is you who will be wearing it and it is you who should find out as much as possible about the product before you make a purchase and if you still have doubts always consult with a professional stylist or beauty retailer.

The best advice I can give is to be cautious before you get creative. Once you know what you want and what your face type is, you can expand your range and get as creative as you need to be, and then you can really have some fun!

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