Do Hoods Really Have A Purpose?

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The next time you are out in public to take a look around you and observe how many people are wearing sweaters or jackets with attached hoods. Quite often they are not considered as being hair wear but rather a fashion statement. Now if you happen to outdoors determine how many of those individuals are actually making use of those hoodies, particularly if the weather dictates this would be wise to do so. When one doesn’t have a toque handy the hood is certainly a fine replacement.

It seems that our youth have more sense then we older ones when it comes to utilizing the hood. Well at least in my case anyway. I have numerous sweaters and jackets with hoods and I can’t recall ever putting the hood to good use. In fact, I have been caught in a rainstorm wearing a hooded jacket and haven’t used the hood. Instead, I am caught wearing one of my designer hats which is really not the most practical for bad weather.

In my opinion, the lack of use comes from just not thinking beyond the purpose of the hoods. We look at this particular piece of hair wear has been the decorative part of the clothing item, when in fact it’s both. Many of them are not the tight-fitting type so they really won’t do very much harm when it comes to your hairstyle. They most often have pull strings so you can wear them tightly if you wish to do so but there is no rule that says you have to.

Hoods to enhance your overall hairstyle

In fact, you can use yours to enhance your overall hairstyle if you plan a little. If the weather dictates that it would be appropriate to wear some type of headgear then go grab one of your favorite hooded sweaters. Now style your hair so it will blend in nicely with your hood.

For example, you could leave a few wisps of hair that could be brought back over the edge of the hoodie when you are wearing it. Make use of the color of it to enhance your hair color. A hood that is worn loosely where the hair is still visible can make quite a statement. In fact, they can be just as fashionable as any hat. Any type of hair wear makes its own fashion statement such as caps or cowboy hats for example.

The material that these are made from can play an important part in maintaining your hairstyle as well. Lighter materials, of course, won’t crush your hair as easily but sometimes they tend to create flyaway hair.

Hoods look the best when they are worn either, or, meaning either wear it very tight or wear it very loose. Anything in between really will not do you justice appearance wise at least.

If you make use of your hoods, you will most probably be doing your hair a favor. Adverse weather can play havoc with overall hair health. By using your hoodies as protection in combination with the superior hair care products your hair is receiving the best care it can get. Hairwear can go a long way in protecting that beautiful head of hair.

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