How to style your hair with a beret

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There are several hair wears to choose from such as simple hats and caps to trendy toques and hoods and so on but nothing looks as elegant and trendy as a beret. A beret is a great visor-less, round, and trendy hair wear. It consists of round flat shape of different widths. A beret may be made from wool, felt, and many different types of fabrics.

Enhance Your Looks with a Beret

Different forms of the beret have been made since the Greeks used something like a beret in ancient times. A beret can be used to style your hair in all kinds of ways to create unique looks from naughty to adventurous and from trendy to sedate.

The Pre WWI era saw only men wearing berets, that too as part of their military uniforms, however, this trend changed after the war and several women started wearing berets to create new, trendy hairstyles with their hair. Gender conventions regarding berets have changed over time. You can compare the shape of a beret to an inverted bowl. A beret simply cannot be worn just like a cap. A beret needs to be worn in a tilted way that sits on your hair in a fashionable manner. You will find berets knit in wool or made from wool gabardine fabrics. Because of the warm nature of the fabric, the beret is worn more in locations that have a cold climate.

The Highlanders wore a typical beret called the Scotch bluebonnet. It has been one of the most popular berets. The modern form of the beret is based on Basquet originated from shepherds dwelling on the Pyrenees in France and Spain. Berets used to be made in different colors such as blue in Vizcaya, red in Guipüzcoa, and white in Avala.

The Tam O’Shanter is a floppy beret, worn with a pom over it. The beret that’s wool knit comes in all kinds of colors and the mixed colors really can be worn with anything. You can leave your long hair open while covering only your head portion. A beret is not just for women with long hair. Women with a short hairstyle can also wear a beret while leaving small strands of hair showing from below the beret. Even curls look great with a beret.

How to wear a beret with long hair

The day you cannot think of a good hairstyle for long hair, you can use a beret. There are several advantages of keeping a couple of berets handy. One is that it will protect your scalp from cold so a woolen one will serve the purpose. Second, you can use it when you have to get ready fast and are running out of time. The third is that it is pretty affordable. A simple but stylish beret costs $24 on an average. There are some cheaper than that as well.

Berets these days are also available in regular wool, cashmere, mohair, angora, and so on. Having a wool beret has its own benefits. If you want to decorate your berets you can use several embellishments such as beads and sequins, to suit your style.

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