Free Wigs For Cancer Patients

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Aside from life-threatening and debilitating aspects of cancer, it has many other unfortunate attributes to it. One of the most significant is the loss of hair that can occur from treatments such as chemotherapy. Depending on what country one lives in the costs can be horrendous especially if there is no medical coverage. In these situations, cancer victims are fortunate if they can manage to financially survive and meet their bills.

In these cases, it’s almost unheard of for the sufferer to be able to afford the cost of a wig. It would seem that appearance gets put at the bottom of the list. The sad part is when one looks good then they feel good. Individuals in these financial difficulties cannot even enjoy that one positive thing.

Fortunately, many organizations and individuals have realized this and the importance that appearance has during these times of need. They also are aware of the terrible financial burden that is upon some cancer patients. This is the very reason that many of them will provide free wigs to those in need.

Many of the various cancer societies now have wig banks. This means that an individual that has a need can contact their local cancer society and see if they offer this service.

Donate wigs for cancer patients

Then there is a wonderful campaign called Pantene Pro-V Beautiful lengths campaign. This venue takes donations of individuals who have long hair and are willing to donate their ponytail to this worthy cause. It has stirred the hearts of both young and old alike and as a result, there have been multiple donations of human hair ready to be made into wigs.

There are several new organizations that have surfaced over the past few years willing to play their part by donating wigs as well. Some of them will provide mini-lessons on how to care and style the wig as well. This at least gives some pleasure to those who are waging war against this devastating disease.

Some individuals find that wigs just irritate their scalp too much or find them uncomfortable to wear. Many individuals who have suffered from hair loss would prefer to wear hats or turbans until they experience substantial hair growth. Some of these organizations will supply these as well.

Unfortunately, cancer does just restrict itself to adults. Many children suffer from it as well and they require wigs as well hopefully for just a short time.

The best way to find a wig bank in your area would be to discuss your needs with your cancer center or wherever you are taking your treatment. They normally are very much aware of all the services that are available for their patients.

In addition, if you check online you should be able to find some up to date sources within your area.

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