Hair care tips in climate change

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In our normal environment, we all have a pretty good idea of how our climate is going to affect our hair. For example, we know that in late spring that we are soon going to be dealing with the hot sun. This means we need to start thinking about taking precautions to protect our hair.

The same holds true for the fall. We know that winter is coming so we need to hair prepare for this as well.

We are all aware of the changes in seasons but do we really take the necessary steps to prepare for this in regards to our hair care regime. I would like to bet that if most people were asked if they changed their hair care regime according to the seasons the majority would say no. Now on the other hand when an individual is going to another climate perhaps on vacation do they give any thought to their hair? In fact, in many cases, people don’t consider this.

A warm climate

If you are going to warm-climate what are the potential hair problems? First UV rays from the sun can have adverse effects on our entire bodies not just our hair. In reference to the hair, though it can bleach out our natural hair color. It can play havoc on processed hair such as that from hair dyes or perms. In no time at all the hair can become so dry it almost looks like straw. This is often one of the more common complaints because may women get their hair colored or permed so it will look good on vacation. In addition to affecting the colors, the UV rays are going to weaken the hair, and perhaps cause it to lose its luster and vitality.

So far, we talked about the sun but we must be aware of the hair dangers regarding the overall climate. Not all hot climates are the same, and therefore they can cause different reactions in the hair condition. Let’s look at the hot and dry climates. This means there is very little moisture in the air. Therefore, between the loss of hair moisture from the sun, and then no moisture in the air your hair is at the total mercy of what your body is going to supply it with. Now let’s look at the hot and humid climate. This is the weather that those who suffer from the hair frizzes and curly hair despise the most. It doesn’t take much of this kind of weather to send these hair types out of control.

More individuals are in tune with what the hot climates will do to their hair, but they don’t consider the cold climates. Individuals vacationing in these settings don’t give too much thought as to hair protection. Even a hat will go a long way in giving some hair relief but it can’t do it all on its one. In these environmental conditions, the hair is constantly being shocked by the cold outdoor temperatures to the sudden hot indoor dry temperatures. Naturally, under these types of conditions hair will suffer.

Ideally, the best solution is to check out the superior quality climate control hair products. Just simply take the applicable products along with you on your vacation and you will have one less thing to worry about.

How to take care of natural hair in the summer

It’s ironic how during the summer months we all pay close attention to our skin in particular. We are very astute at applying top-grade sunscreens, then a good daily application of body creams. Then do not forget about bug repellent as well. We go to great lengths to protect the skin but what about our hair?

Most often, we do not change our hair care according to the seasons, yet we make other adjustments as to how the elements affect us. So the question is do we believe that the elements affect our hair, and if so in what way? Then, on the other hand, are we hair care exempt when it comes to nature?

If we were going to consider the elements and our hair care at all then it would most likely be the summer months that we would be more concerned with. This is partly due to not only can you see damaged hair but also you can feel the effects on your scalp. For example, being out in the hot sun all day not only causes scorched hair but also it can cause scalp burns as well. That is where you really get to feel what happens to your hair.

Dry hair is probably the number one hair complaint during the hot months. Then have you wondered why you are developing dandruff every summer? Well actually, that very well may be dry flaking skin. After all, your scalp is skin so think about the skin on the rest of your body when it gets too much sun exposure.

So its time to challenge Mother Nature. You need to fight back by using some very specific hair care products. You will products here that will both help to correct hair issues, assist in preventing hair damage, and most importantly maintain a healthy hair state.

When you are considering hair care products for the summer months be sure and look for those that are extra conditioning, nourishing and have a sun protector in them. Just as you use an SPF on your skin the same applies to your hair.

So we have talked about what havoc the summer months can play on your hair that does not mean that the winter can’t have some negative effects. In some ways, their damage is indirect. For example, most homes and offices have their heat turned on. Most often, this tends to be a dry heat. Needless to say what this does to your once healthy hair. It does not have to be a problem if you are aware of it and include the proper hair care in your hair regime.

The seasons change, our body changes, so it stands to reason our hair care techniques should change accordingly. It is interesting to note that even though our hair care appearance is very important to us we neglect to tend to some of our hair care needs. This is not from intentional neglect it is from not realizing what affects our hair.

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