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Once split ends appear, they seem to multiply at a rapid pace. You look in the mirror one day and wow all you can see are dry split ends sticking out wherever they choose. Now you know its time to buckle down and do something about it. There are lots you can do but the first thing to plan on is a night in for special hair care treatment.

Start by going to the kitchen cupboard and finding the honey, olive oil, and eggs. These are going to be your treatment ingredients. Put about a ½ cup of olive oil in a bowl. Then add about 1 tsp. Honey. Warm this mixture until it feels comfortable. Now add a well-beaten egg to it. Apply this mixture to the hair ends only. Warm a clean towel up in the dryer for a few minutes. Now wrap the hair up in the warm towel and relax for 20 minutes. Then shampoo the hair well rinse, and add a leave-in conditioner to the hair ends.

Natural remedy for split ends

Ideally, you are going to want to use good hair care products to help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Another alternative to the above home remedy is the use of avocado oil. In this case, you cannot only apply it to the split ends but to the scalp as well. Follow the same procedure as above.

As soon as the possibility presents itself, you really need to get a hair trim. You will want to get rid of all those dead ends and start with fresh healthy hair. Once you do this its important that you take every step possible to protect your hair from potential damage that causes the split ends the problem.

Individuals who love their long hair shudder at the thought of getting it cut. It doesn’t have to be a drastic cut; in fact, a ¼ inch should be plenty. You should have this maintenance cut every six to eight weeks anyway. It keeps your hair in healthy condition and the cut isn’t even noticeable. Your hair will continue to grow but will look much healthier.

Of course, you want to avoid all of the potential causes of hair splitting. The more known ones are improper hair tools, heat equipment, environmental damage and most often just simply being too rough in our hair care regime.

If we schedule our hair care program during a period of time that we can devote to it, then we tend not to be as rough. Being able to relax and care for your hair care needs can be quite enjoyable.

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