How to Take Care of Over Processed Hair?

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Many people have heard about over-processed hair but not all of them are aware of the meaning it conveys. Over processed hair actually means excessive use of chemicals and hair damaging products. It’s also known as over-styled or overdone hair. Using dyes, bleaches, perm and other hair styling tools can make your hair over-processed. Over processed hair symptoms include split ends, flyaway curls, and excessive frizz. As we all know that not all hair dyes or colors are made of good and natural ingredients, some containing harmful chemicals might harm your hair tremendously.

And it’s not very difficult to imagine that excessive use of these hair dyes and chemicals can damage your hair badly. Try not to indulge in excessive perms also. Most of the people have used hair dyes, colors, and other hair related products and as a result, this problem of over-processed hair has become common. In case you have suffered from it too, you may be already aware of this problem and looking for a way or solution to get rid of this problem.

Some people try to cover up their hair and go shopping for hats or scarves. But why hide your hair when you can make them beautiful just by bringing some small changes in your daily routine? It’s really as easy as it sounds. At first, you can take a look at the hair products you are using. And you should also think about the number of hair products you use in your hair. Some people try to use shampoo and conditioners daily on their hair. And if you are one of them, stop using conditioners and shampoo regularly.

Using hair products excessively can also cause hair fall. It’s best to use hair products with natural ingredients. And after you are done washing your hair, use the towel carefully when drying your hair. If you don’t handle the stresses of your hair carefully, you can lose a lot of hair. So, have patience and blot your hair gently with your hands to get a good result and try to avoid shampoos that are specially created for oily hair. You should avoid strong hair conditioners, shampoos, bleach as it’s not very friendly and healthy for your hair. Your hair also needs trimming after every 5-7 weeks, so make sure this is done regularly to take care of hair damage.

You will be able to avoid split ends by trimming your hair. And also try to avoid heat styling. It can over process your hair very badly. Also, give your hair some time to recover from all the over-processing before you go for hair styling again. You can definitely expect to get healthy hair after following these tips.

Hair Relaxing Treatment- Is It Healthy For Your Hair?

How many times have you struggled to manage your hair just because they are curly or wavy? Chances are you do that every day. Though hair relaxation techniques look like a great option, there are several points to consider before you go in for a hair relaxation treatment.  Hair relaxation basically involves treating your hair with certain chemicals in order to straighten them. The chemical when applied to your hair works on them to ‘relax’ the curly or frizzy portions and makes it more manageable.

What is hair relaxing treatment

Before you think of using hair relaxers to straighten your hair it is imperative to remember that any type of chemical is harmful to your hair. No matter whether you use it every day or once a month, any chemical has an adverse effect on your hair. Hair breakage, scalp irritation, hair thinning, and even hair loss are some of the side effects of overprocessing hair, including frequent use of hair relaxers.

If you have extremely curly, frizzy, or dry hair, the best way to manage them is to use a good conditioner or detangler. You can always use natural conditioners such as egg yolk, olive oil, and avocado to minimize damage when you get your hair processed in any way. Hair relaxers can, however, be used occasionally say when going for a party or a business meeting.

Though salons and hairstylists often use hair relaxers to help straighten hair, the chemicals in hair relaxers penetrate the inner layers of the hair strands to loosen them. It is then easier for you to manage your hair and make any hairstyle of your choice. However, frequent use of hair relaxers weakens the inner layers of the hair, thereby causing them to break or fall even during routine activities such as brushing or washing your hair.

The best way to avoid damage due to over-processing is to minimize the frequency with which you apply hair care products such as hair gels, hair volumizers, and hair relaxers. This will help your hair to rejuvenate before you plan to apply these hair products again. It is recommended that hair relaxers or any other such products should be applied 6-8 weeks after the initial application to minimize the damage.

It is always best to get your hair and scalp tested by a hair expert before you go for hair relaxing treatment. A hair expert would perform a strand test on your hair and recommend the type and intensity of hair products that you can use on your hair. After this, the hairstylist would apply petroleum-based cream to protect your scalp from the effects of the chemicals. This is followed by the application of a neutralizing formula to minimize the harmful effects of the chemicals. After this conditioner would be applied in order to restore the proteins and natural oils lost due to the application of the hair relaxer.

Newer hairstyling techniques often come with some side effects owing to the strong chemicals used in them. Taking appropriate care would definitely help you manage your hair better, minimize the damage, and keep them healthy.

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