Human Hair Wigs

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Whether it is a necessity or for fashion purposes, the process of buying a wig can become confusing. Most will agree that the human hair wigs are by far superior quality.

Most often when it comes down to purchasing a wig the cost fact is one of the most important aspects. Of course, the appearance of the wig is going to be the priority, but even then, the costs are taken into consideration.

Individuals who are geared towards wearing wigs as a fashion statement are perhaps not quite as willing to spend the same amount as one who requires a wig out of necessity. Individuals who are suffering hair loss for whatever reason will tend to want to pay whatever is necessary for the most natural one they can find. This is due to they have to wear it on a constant basis, so it not only has to look natural but be durable as well.

Remy human hair wigs

Based on price the synthetic wigs are less expensive, but there is much more that you can do with the human hair wigs. Whatever you would do with real hair you can do with these. The same premise applies to these types of hairpieces as it does with real hair. Meaning you must take care of it.

If you purchase a good well made human hair one you can style it with your curling iron and dry it with your blow dryer. You do not want to be trying this on your synthetic ones though as they will probably melt. This means with the human hair you don’t need to be concerned when you are near other heat sources, except of course to use the same caution around these elements such as open flames that you would with your own hair.

Many people don’t realize that you can dye human hair wigs. This is probably a lot easier to do then if you were going to dye your real hair, at least if you are doing it yourself. Dying your wig is not something you want to do repeatedly because just like your own hair you will damage it. Besides the one nice thing is you don’t have to worry about constantly coloring the roots.

If you really want to keep the fact that, you are wearing a wig constantly as a secret then style it differently. This is one sure way to fool people, as they don’t realize that these human hair wigs are easy to style.

Another important feature about these wigs is not only do they look natural but also they feel natural. It seems that a natural hair wig is far more comfortable to wear as well. There is not the same tendency to perspire with them as there is with the synthetic types.

Essential Wig Accessories

Depending on the kind of wig, special Wig Accessories may be very important to proper upkeep so that they can help you look your best. Generally speaking, human hair wigs can be cared for in almost the same way as you would your own hair. For example, there is no need to wash every day; indeed, they could even be washed much less frequently than hair, as they are not daily subjected to any natural head oils. And when you do wash them, it takes nothing more than cold water and mild shampoo. Gently dry hairpieces with a towel, and let it air-dry by placing it on a wireframe head. (It’s a hairpiece holder shaped like a human head, only constructed of wireframe so that it’s an excellent tool for air-drying.) Just take care not to scrub a wig, as the locks will most likely fall out, same as real hair on your own scalp – only no more will grow!

For such reasons of durability, it is best to purchase wigs from quality manufacturers, which will probably not become knotted and damaged by regular styling in addition to lasting longer, too. It’s even recommended that you purchase your Wig Accessories from the same place you bought your wig. These accessories can include hot styling implements such as everyday curling irons and blow dryers, which are perfectly safe to use on those wigs made from real human hair. Genuine human hair wigs can also be set with common styling sprays and even gels. Indeed, there even exist premium salon services – for these luscious locks! One hundred percent human hair wigs, to be exact.

Those made of synthetic fibers can sometimes require more attention for optimal maintenance. Special sealants and other fluids are available to give them an extra sheen that still looks perfectly natural while protecting the fibers against the elements. Carefully formulated conditioners also exist, pH balanced for the prevention of static and frizzing caused by excessive brushing.

Beyond care of the wigs themselves, there are things like wig tapes, wig caps, and wig stands and cases that may be considered as well. Wig tapes and wig caps help to better secure wigs to the scalp and are available in various sizes for optimal comfort and performance. Stands are useful for keeping your wigs immediately handy, while some traveling cases have enough room to accommodate a stand and various accessories as well.

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