Electrolysis facial hair removal

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Electrolysis is most certainly not something that is new to the world of hair removal. For many years, it was seen as an excellent replacement for waxing for hair removal purposes. Although it turned out to be a hair removal alternative it did not fully replace waxing.

One must remember that when waxing first became well known as the perfect answer for unwanted hair removal it was thought to replace the old stand by a method of shaving. Again just as the outcome with electrolysis, the same was with waxing. It did not totally replace shaving. All three of these methods are still widely accepted today as beneficial forms of hair removal.

Just How Effective Is Electrolysis?

Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to any product or service. In the case of electrolysis, it is a hair removal service that is performed by an esthetician specifically trained in electrolysis or at least should be. This hair removal system required a specialized machine, which produces a small amount of electricity via a metal probe, which is inserted into the hair follicle. Because of this action, the hair-producing areas receive damage and are not able to replace the hairs.

There are various types of energy used in electrolysis and which is used is dependent on the particular equipment the esthetician is using. Perhaps it is galvanic, or maybe thermolysis or an alternative option to this is a blend of these two types of energy.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to this form of hair removal is the fact that in most cases it is permanent hair removal. There are some follicles that are stubborn and take a second or on a rare occasion, a third treatment before it is destroyed. Although it does require a professional, it is one of the safest methods of hair removal with long-term results.

There are some disadvantages to the hair removal electrolysis regime. Most of the disadvantages are minor but there are a few major drawbacks as well. The minor problems are it takes time to destroy an area of hair. It cannot be done all at one time, as it is quite tedious, as well as it can have varying degrees of discomfort to it. Due to the time, it takes to do even a small area it is not a cheap service. This is one of the reasons many clients will not opt for this type of hair removal as to many it is not affordable.

For the most part, as we have said, electrolysis is a safe procedure. Where the biggest problem can arise is if the metal probe is not inserted correctly, it can cause damage to the surrounding skin and as a result, scar tissue will form.

Although it is the favored method for semi-permanent to permanent hair removal customers become frustrated with the numerous visits it takes. Many are turning to one of the newer methods of permanent hair removal, which is laser hair removal. It too has its advantages and disadvantages.

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