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If you have ever wanted to try something different with your hair but time and money have prevented you from visiting a salon then here are a few tips for you to try at home that will bring out your natural hair color and enhance it!

First thing, is for a few days before coloring you want to make sure you shampoo and deep condition your hair well to ensure its healthiness and then not again until after the coloring process.  The natural oils in your hair will give you a uniform result, aid in the color taking hold, and ultimately protect your hair.

Natural Highlights For Hair

If you want to use organic method and you’re a brunette, believe it not, and try coffee to enhance the color of your hair! Make a cup of dark roast or even espresso and once cooled just apply to your hair and leave for 30 minutes. You will be surprised by how rich and shiny your hair becomes. If you want some highlights, you can use tea after you have shampooed as a final rinse.

If you’re blonde or have light brown hair use a strong chamomile tea and apply it when your hair is dry and then shampoo excess off after 20-30 minutes. Fruit juice will also bring out highlights as Cranberry juice will enhance the reds and lemon juice works for blonder highlights. People have even used a cup of boiled chopped walnuts. Once strained, apply to hair and leave for 30 minutes before shampooing, to add some extra shine.

If you plan to use an at-home kit for coloring, you want to remember a few things.
Start always with dirty hair and because it sometimes hard to reach every spot, having a friend help is always a good thing as it gives you an extra set of hands. Start the coloring application at hair midsection before working your way to the ends and roots. If you have longer hair this method is essential for success.

When coloring gray use a developer or a softening shampoo first because gray hair can be coarser, less porous, and can take longer to process. In addition, it’s advisable to pick a lighter color shade for optimal results and follow the instructions in your kit carefully.

Once you have finished, in order to keep the color fresh and in great condition use, a specially formulated shampoo to ensure the moisture is replenished, as it sometimes can be lost during coloring. Regular shampoo is too harsh, can take out the moisture, and strip the hair of its color. Filtered water is better on colored hair as it doesn’t contain the elements that can cause damage and always wet your hair first or use a leave-in conditioner before swimming as the chlorine can be absorbed into dry hair. Don’t wrap your wet hair or rub to dry it, but instead blot it dry with a towel.

Don’t brush your hair but use a wide toothcomb to reduce breakage. The biggest tip is to use a leave-in conditioner regularly to avoid your color from fading and a color-enhancing conditioner once a month to maintain the shine and moisture.

Hair Styles And Hair Coloring: Techniques To Enhance Both

Want to add some flair and invigorating style to your hair? The latest trend is to color your hair with the right shade. There are several techniques to color your hair. First, get the right salon and then set out to choose the right color along with the hairstylist. Depending on whether you have straight hair or curly hair the color will be chosen accordingly. “Color All” is for women who really don’t have time and cannot hit a salon just when they hear of a new color in the markets. But if you do have the luxury of a little time, go ahead and try out new hairstyles along with trendiest hair colors.

One technique that suits women with short hair is hair highlights, especially if you also have fringes in front. Add that extra sparkle using the technique of hair highlights. In this technique, all that your hairstylist will do is catch hold of a few strands from your hair and give it your preferred choice of color. Make sure you select a color that is 2 shades lighter than your original hair color. You can choose two different colors to highlight different sides of your hair. The combination can be a shade of sober pink and maroon.

If you want to go in for some celebrity hairstyles then Jennifer Aniston’s hair color consists of a light shade of brown coupled with highlights of golden-blond and you can try it out. This suits women who have straight hair. Her color combination would work with almost anyone as it has greater depth as well as a huge scope of colors that you can experiment with. A complete black hairdo with a few fringes in front of colored blonde will also look fab on women with short hair.

Sometimes the natural hair color is too light which looks pretty monotonous. This is where the technique of lowlights comes in. For lowlights, you have an enormous amount of scope as you can choose from a sober black to a vivacious purple. Whichever color you choose, it should complement the original lightness of your hair. A light lavender shade would look absolutely stunning on you if you have long hair. If you don’t want to go as wild as a lavender shade you could choose a simple black just at the center parting as Jessica Simpson wears her hairstyle.

Rihanna’s hair color would never fail to inspire all those women with extremely short hair. Her Barbadian hairstyle dazzled everyone when she walked on the streets of New York City recently. She had blonde highlights on completely black hair that added an immense amount of flair and glamour to her appearance.

Chunking is one of the bolder hair coloring techniques that involves selecting a wider bunch of hair and coloring it with a bolder and a much trendier color. So the shy women out there, probably it is time you get a little bolder! You could choose a lighter and a darker shade or simply choose three lighter or three darker shades. Whether you go for a lusty red or a caramel brown, make sure you look stylish and carry it with a zing!

Trendy Hair Highlights for the New Year’s Eve Party

If you are looking for a cool new look for the New Year’s Eve party, then teaming up your natural hair color with some hip hair highlights is a great idea. Choose a contrasting hair color coupled with partial hair coloring and you will be well on your way to becoming an icon for a fashionable hairstyle. Whether you pick a classy hair color to go with your party dress or a bright, sassy color, the point is to look gorgeous and wear your hair highlights with a bit of an attitude.

Before you go about getting a new, savvy look, browse through some hair highlights ideas for this holiday season. Why go in for tired old monotonous hairdos when you can flirt with your hair with some amazing highlights? Extra glam tinted streaks are a great way of making your hairdo stand out among the crowd and get noticed instantly. A professional hairstylist can help you achieve the desired look by suggesting the right hair highlights that would go with your natural hair color.

Hair highlights that blend with the natural tone of your hair can be chosen if you don’t want to go in for anything too flashy. Apart from this, golden or honey-colored hair highlights look absolutely stunning with a brunette as well as blonde hair. You can also try out something different using orange or copperish tones with muted or similar shades for the base color of your hair.

Any shade of red is certainly the color of the season. Highlighting just about 2 inches at the tips of hair for short haircut looks very trendy. If you have medium to long hair then you can go in for hairstreaks for the entire length of your hair. You can make a real style statement with moderate or bright hair coloring patterns for your hairdo. Shades of blue, dark blue, or purple also look great when applied as hair highlights for long hair.

Hair highlights are art and you must actually visit a hair salon if you have no idea how to go about it. Professional hair stylists have complete knowledge of applying hair colors and will prepare your hair before adding highlights. Shampoo and condition your hair before visiting the hair salon for maximum effect of the hair highlights.

Whether you have long, short or medium length hair, highlights can pep-up any hairstyle you wish to have for your party. Coupled with a great hairdo, hair highlights can make you look fabulous and you can look forward to some great effects throughout the evening. Just a bit of experiment and you can step into the New Year with the latest and trendiest hair highlights of the season.

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