How to get rid of split ends

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Sometimes the problem of split ends can be more frustrating than many of the other hair problems. This is because you have to find a treatment that will focus on the problem area of the hair and not over treat the rest of the healthy hair.

If you are an individual who relies on their curling irons or other hot hair equipment, you are inevitably going to end up with the split ends. The high intensity of heat that is required to make the curl is too much for the delicate hair ends. You will find this to be even more factual when you use inferior heat hair equipment as well. In these items, the thermostat heat control is not as accurate and you have less control over the heat.

Put An End To Split Ends

Quite often, because we are always in a hurry we tend to be a bit rough with our hair. This includes our hair washing. Then we may not be using the proper tools such as the right hairbrushes or combs. You will see a large variety of these items on the market all made in different materials. It’s not only for sales purposes these materials are used but also because they treat specific types of hair in different ways. So having the right equipment for your general hair type is a must.

Not protecting your hair from the elements can be the culprit as well. Your hair is exposed to wind, rain, and snow. Then you go indoors during the winter where it is exposed to dry heat. Of course, the hot sun during the summer months goes a long way in paving the way for split ends.

There are several quick fixes that you can do to help you get through that special occasion where you really want to conceal this problem. Ideally, if you were to use superior hair care products and you will find that you will have far fewer hair problems.

For your temporary fix, make sure following your shampoo you use a good hair moisturizer but apply this to the ends of the hair for the most part. Massage it into the ends gently, leave it to sit for a few minutes then rinse well.

If you use tepid or cool water to rinse your hair, it helps to relax and seal the hair cuticle, which makes the split ends less noticeable.

Above all, be gentle in all of your hair actions including the towel drying. If possible, let your hair air dry rather than using your hairdryer.

Make sure the conditioner you used is a good detangler as well. You don’t want to have to be pulling at snags in your hair at this point. In fact, you may want to consider using one of the leave in conditioners at this point.

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