The Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

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It doesn’t matter how minor the procedure is when it comes to any type of surgery to the body there is a risk of some types of side effects. Hair transplants are no different although in most cases these are minimal.

If one of the problems seems to be pain and discomfort then any pain relief medication that can be bought over the counter will provide adequate relief. Not every individual suffers from discomfort but then some people have more sensitive scalps than others do.

There is a fair amount of tugging and pulling that takes place during the transplant procedure. Often individuals that are prone to headaches may end up with one. It depends on how long and how intense the particular procedure is.

Very little bleeding occurs. You should make your hair transplant specialist aware of any blood thinners that you take. Although no doubt, you will be required to fill out a full health questionnaire prior to your procedure.

Swelling is not usually a common side effect but on a rare occasion, it will happen. If this is going to happen, it will usually take place around the eye area and/or the forehead. It should last for no more than a few days perhaps five at the most. If it is creating a problem, the Doctor can order something for it.

We have all experienced the itching that comes with a healing wound. You may experience this after a day or two as your scalp begins to heal. Avoid scratching it as much as possible, otherwise, you could run the risk of infection.

It’s very important that you advise your transplant specialist of any unusual or long-lasting symptoms. You will have been given some post-transplant instructions and it’s important that you follow these carefully.

You will most likely be told to perform your regular hair washing. The hair clinic may also suggest a saline solution to help moisten the grafts.

One side effect you may be the least prepared for and one that may cause you great concern is hair shedding. This can occur not only in the transplant area but also in the area where the hairs were taken from. This is normal, nothing to become alarmed about it will stop, and eventually, the hair will begin to grow.

At first sight of this, it is conceived that the hair transplant was not only a failure but damaging as well. This is not the case. In any event, the hair transplant clinic has most likely explained this to you in detail.

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