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Curly and wavy hair is loved by most men and women, especially those who haven’t ever had it. But ask those who have had wavy hair all their lives. You will realize the amount of hair care that’s required for curly and wavy hair compared to straight hair.

Tips For Preventing Frizz With Wavy Hair Styles

Sometimes when people have extremely wavy hair it gets very difficult to manage them. If you have frizzy hair due to their natural tendency of becoming frizzy or due to dryness, then half of your day goes into getting them in order. Most people think that getting rid of the frizzy hair is quite a complicated affair meaning that it involves either getting the hair straightened in a salon or using a straightening iron at home. There are easier ways to completely prevent the frizz with wavy hairstyles.

The moment you are out of the shower doesn’t wipe your hair roughly. Try and let the towel absorb just the excess water so that it does not drip from your hair. The more friction you create by using the towel to remove the moisture, the more they brush against each other making your hair very dry. Use a good gel if you want to get rid of frizz. Use the gel generously but not in excess. If your hair length is more then you may have to use more amount of gel. If you don’t use it adequately covering the whole volume of your hair, frizz will remain the way it was in some parts. Apply the right amount and your frizz will be gone!

When you wash your hair don’t use just any shampoo from the market. Look for a shampoo which is for dry hair. There are some clarifying shampoos with Aloe Vera as their primary ingredient. Aloe Vera works wonders with hair and skin. It does not have any ill effect as it is an herbal extract. After your hair has been shampooed, use a good conditioner that has additional moisturizing ingredients. Wavy hair tends to be dry and weak nature, that’s why you need products which can revive and moisturize your hair thoroughly. There are several hydrating conditioners available in the market. If possible, stock two bottles at a time so you won’t have to suffer from frizzy hair every time.

Wavy hair without the moisture becomes rough and weak. You will notice that if nothing is done about the frizz, your hair will develop split ends again and again. This may result in getting your hair cut very frequently. An effective and long-lasting plan is to stick to a good hair care routine to ensure good hair growth. This way you will definitely have amazing looking hair for the rest of your life.

The Frizzy Hair Syndrome

Out of all the things when it comes to hair care that could go possibly wrong with your hair, you were subjected to the worse, meaning the frizzies. In your opinion, there just could not be any worse hair problem Mind you if you were to ask individuals, with oily hair or dry limp hair for example you may hear a difference of opinion. In reality, whatever hair problem you have is the worst kind there is.

First, what does your frizzy hair look like? Just answering this question alone may help you to determine the cause.

Is my curly hair dry and frizzy?

  • Does it have numerous split ends?
  • Is it excessively dry?
  • Do you have unruly curly hair?
  • Does it appear dull and lifeless?
  • Does it seem likes it is full of static?

These are just some of the things that you can observe when you are going about your hair care.

Some individuals are just born with frizzy hair. There is no explanation it could even be genetic. It might be interesting to look back at your family and see if others had the same problem. Your mother or your grandmother maybe. Hair that is naturally coarse will most always be frizzy. This type of hair is very wiry. If yours has been damaged then it is most likely you are going to end up having the frizzies in conjunction with damaged hair. This is where your split ends will be the most prominent.

If your frizziness is because of excess dryness, try to determine the cause. Often it can be because of the wrong hair care products.

For the curly unruly hair, it may not be so much the frizzies as just the way the hair likes to display itself, going where it wants to go. Then on the other hand, if you are using a hair straightener then this could be the culprit. Too much exposure to heat. Which brings us to the elements. The sun and wind have a very detrimental effect on the hair. It may not seem like it when you are only exposed to for short periods of time, although the effects seem to accumulate.

When it appears dull and lifeless and there does not seem to be an apparent cause then you need to take a close look at your overall health and diet. Both of these have a direct effect on your hair condition. Without a healthy body then most certainly there will be an absence of healthy hair.

Finally your entire “I got the frizzies” problem could be because of your environment. Your apartment, house, or office could simply be suffering from dry air. If this is the case, other body parts are going to be indicators, such as dry skin and even a dry cough perhaps.

At least now, you have a starting ground with regards to your haircare to lead you in the right direction of identifying what is causing your problem of frizzy hair woes.


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