Tips to Cover Your Grey Hair

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The greying of hair is often associated with aging. However, today environmental factors such as pollution, dust, and excessive sunlight contribute to the early aging of hair. Some people see their hair greying even at the age of 25 years. Apart from the hereditary and environmental factors, over-processing hair by using chemical-based hair products is also likely to cause premature greying of hair. The best way to take care of greying hair is to start using hair products with natural ingredients.

Along with this, there are many ways of taking care of the problem. The first one is to consult a good hair care specialist. If you are unsure of getting your hair treated from a new hair specialist, ask your friends or relatives for references to a good hair care specialist. When you go to a professional hair specialist, you will be advised on the best options for treating your greying hair. For instance, your hair specialist would recommend whether you should hair dyes or go in for medication to treat the problem.

In case you wish to dye your hair, always consult your hair specialist before using any type of dye. Do a little bit of research on different types of products available in the market and then use the one that best suits your requirements. For instance, a natural dye is definitely better than using a chemical-based dye. A natural dye would have no side effects and will be best if you are taking any medication for greying hairs.

Apart from the topical and medical treatments, you must also take care of your diet to prevent further greying of your hair. Increase vitamins A and B in your diet by including green leafy vegetables, yellow fruits such as banana, wheat germ, and yogurt. Other than this, increase the intake of copper, iron, and zinc. Zinc is are contained in chicken and green vegetables, iron in eggs, sunflower seeds and apricot, and copper in almonds, egg yolk, cashews, and whole grains. Having a protein and vitamin-rich diet will surely help you in preventing graying of hair.

Some home remedies for hair can also help in covering grey hair. Gooseberry powder mixed with lemon juice makes a great hair pack to help cover grey hair. Boiling dry gooseberry pieces in coconut oil also makes a good hair pack for greying hair. onion paste, dried ridge gourd in coconut oil and henna paste are all effective home remedies for greying hair.

Home remedies coupled with a healthy diet and medication will definitely help you prevent further greying of hair. This will also take care of the problem and help in hair growth with your natural color of hair.

Natural Hair Dyes-Using Sage and Rosemary to Cover Gray Hair

Covering or hiding grey hair has become an essential concern to many people. You can’t stop your hair from turning gray after a specific amount of time as it’s an inevitable part of aging. The process natural hair color turning into gray or white color is called achromotrichia and can happen at a young age as well. That’s why people are always looking for ways to cover their gray hair. But the idea of using chemical hair is usually not recommended as a long term solution as it is harmful to your hair. So, if you are looking for an alternative to dye your hair, you are in the right place!

Natural hair dyes are available in the market or you can prepare them at home. It’s safer than chemical hair dyes but does not last long. However, as there are no side effects and the dye being very easy to make, you can apply it on your hair whenever you want to. This method of creating hair dyes with natural ingredients was invented by the Romans. In earlier days, people used plant extracts to color their hair. And the most known ingredients that were used include indigo, amla, henna, and red ochre.

If you want to make a hair dye at home with natural ingredients, here is a simple recipe for you. It doesn’t last long so you have to apply it regularly whenever you feel it’s necessary. The main ingredients you need for making this recipe is sage and rosemary. You have to mix half a cup of both these ingredients. Mix them properly and then add water, say about 2 cups. When you are done adding water in the mixture, warm the mixture properly. Do it in a low flame and wait for 10 minutes. Now remove it and let the herbs drench in the warm water. Wait for about 1 hour and then strain the mixture.

Now it’s ready to be applied on your hair. Gently start applying it in your hair. Take a small amount of the hair dye and rub-down the roots of your hair. Now leave the hair dye on your hair for about 45-60 minutes. Then, wash your hair with plain water.

You have to continue this process two times in a week if you are doing this for the first time. After about a month, you can slowly decrease the amount. This sage and rosemary hair dye also helps your hair fight dandruff. It gives your hair a nice dark or brown shade. You don’t have to worry about your gray hair anymore once you start applying this natural recipe!

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