Toques Are Not Just For The Guys

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When one is contemplating dressing for the cold weather, it seems almost automatic that a toque is added to the list at least when it comes to men’s hats. They have been around for a long time and they are yet to beat when it comes to doing the job they are designed for which is keeping your head warm.

For many years it seemed that the toque was more men’s hats type of head protection. Then eventually some very plain but colorful types began to surface that the women began to wear. Most often, these were made of lighter wool and more loosely knit so they wouldn’t crush the hairstyles.

In the days where it took hours of wrapping the hair in curlers, then sitting under a blow dryer, it was just too much work to have ruined by the effects of wearing a toque. They were famous for flattening the hair. With today’s wash and go hairstyles, the temporary flat hair is not really a problem. After removing the hat, it’s just simply a matter of running your fingers through your hair to give it a lift.

By using superior hair care products you would find that your hair maintains its healthy condition and has lots of body. This is the perfect scenario for those that want to wear toques. Most often, our vanity gets in the way of our comfort. With today’s hair products and hairstyles that should no longer be an issue.

Men’s hats can be a little more difficult to maintain because of the materials they are made from. Keep your toques in good condition. It seems to be an item that we neglect to wash them as much as what might be necessary.

You wouldn’t use a soiled towel to dry your hair, and the same concept applies to toques. They are warm and quite often can cause the scalp to perspire. In time this natural debris builds up in the material of the toque. The majority of them wash quite easily in the regular washing machine so don’t forget to throw your toques in with the laundry occasionally.

Many individuals don’t feel comfortable wearing these types of head attire for other than leisure days. The trend is to keep with the designer hats. Unfortunately, those cold blustery days don’t just restrict themselves to the weekends.

You can and should wear a toque on these occasions no matter whether it’s a workday or not. You can spruce up the overall appearance of your took by clipping a small decoration to it. If you go for the lighter wool ones and the softer shades, they can look very much in style with the work attire.

An old earring or even a small flower pinned to one side of them really goes a long way in reducing the sporty look. You can even use small beads to sew right onto your toque. Men’s hats are easily spruced up with feathers for example.

In today’s age, pretty well anything you want to do with your hair wardrobe goes. Don’t rule out the use of cowboy hats either for that special look. It’s one of the most favored men’s hats on the market.

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