How to section hair for foil highlights

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Hair Foil highlights require the same product to be used for any of the other hair color methods; the only difference is the technique. The various techniques that are used with highlighting give slightly different looks.

How to highlight your own hair with foil

To begin with, you have to ensure that your hair is in the proper condition to receive coloring. Otherwise, the results are not going to be that good. In addition, if you are coloring damaged hair you are only going to make the problem worse. So start with a good hair washing using superior quality products.

This will ensure that all of the environmental debris is removed as well as any product residue such as gels and hair sprays. It’s important also that your hair has no chlorine in it from using swimming pools for example.

The next thing you want to do is carefully observe your hair and determine where you think the hair foil highlights would be most attractive. Try to comb your hair into the style you wear most often so you can make the judgment of where the hair color will be most enhancing.

Once you have done all of this and you have everything set up you are ready to start. The purpose of using the foil is to prevent the colored hair from touching other sections of hair. This way your highlights are much more distinct because of the contrast of the color of dye compared to the contrast hair color of the hair.

You need to attach a piece of foil to the end of a tail comb. Do this by wrapping about 1 inch of the end of the foil around the comb.

Now take a section of hair that you are going to hair foil highlight. Use clips to hold the rest of the hair away from that piece.

Slide the piece of foil that is attached to the comb up under the piece of hair that is going to be colored. Keeping the hair in place over the foil, load up your coloring brush, and apply the color. Be sure the piece is straight and taunt so the entire strand grabs the color evenly.

Make sure you have color applied to all of the strands including the underside. Then fold up the foil into three sections, but do not crease it tightly, or else it will leave crease lines in the colored hair.

Now you need to remove the comb from the foil. Do this by sliding the comb out of the one-inch flap you made to hold it onto the comb in the first place. Just press this flap down gently onto the scalp and it will prevent seepage of the color.

You will repeat the steps for each section of strips you are going to hair foil highlight. Another factor you want to consider as well as how thick or thin you want the colored strips to be. They can be quite wide or very thin or they can vary. The choice is yours. Remember your new hair color even though it’s not fully done with hair dye requires extra care to prevent dry hair or hair damage.

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